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The Rise and Rise of Temping Work- The Hunts Post - 27 June 2012 18th July 2012

IT wasn’t that long ago when temping via an agency was considered a stopgap, something to do while you found a permanent job.

Yvette Scott, Meyer-Scott Recruitment partner (pictured right), says she can remember one job seeker calling it ‘exploitative’. She said: “You were not always made to feel part of the team, often given the most mundane of tasks, or performing the same or similar role as the person next to you, yet getting paid less.

“But all that is changing. Over the last few years we have seen increases in the minimum wage, the Agency Workers Regulations and now pension reform being phased in from October this year. Temporary work is now a much more attractive and viable proposition.”

The minimum wage for an adult has risen from as low as £4.50 an hour in 2003 to £6.08 in 2011.

From the first day, temporary workers have access to apply for internal vacancies, enjoy any canteen facilities, crèche and childcare facilities as well as
whatever car parking facilities are available.

Ms Scott added: “However, after 12 weeks it starts to get very interesting as temporary workers are eligible for the same basic pay as a permanent worker if you are performing the same or similar type of work.

“You are also entitled to the same paid holiday allowance, overtime rates and shift allowances, rest breaks and bonuses relating directly to quantity and quality of the work you have produced.”

Meyer-Scott’s clients recognise that temporary workers are a valuable resource. The firm’s temporary workers often fulfil long term requirements, working as part of a team carrying out interesting and fulfilling work thus adding value to the operation.

A company spokesman said: “For those candidates seeking employment who remain sceptical about temporary work, please don’t forget that for many an organisation this is their route into the permanent job market, as it gives both the temporary worker and the client the opportunity to see if the match will work.”

The above article appeared in The Hunts Post on Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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