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Title:Calibration Data Management Analyst (7311149) (VR/05546)

Date Posted:8th September 2017
Salary/Rate:14.75 ph
Description:For: Calibration Data Management Analyst ( 7311149 ) Peterborough 12 months

Meyer Scott Ref: VR/05546


To perform flash file analysis and calibration data management assignments in line with current product and NPI programme requirements. Building a working knowledge of Caterpillar and the products, technologies, processes, and systems related to specific job assignments is expected.

These flash files are essential for delivering quality and timely software solutions for use by production, product development, product support and machine customers worldwide


Follow detailed procedures and use software tools to compile different elements of the calibration ready for Flashfile build
Operate the hardware in loop (HIL) simulation test bench to validate the flashfiles upon completion of flashfile build
Compare simulation data with reference data and communicate discrepancies
Sign off flashfile release upon completion of validation
Collaborate and communicate effectively with process partners through all stages of the flashfile release process - key relationships include: Flashfile delivery team leader, calibration owners, core engine software developers, GED-IN FF analysts.

These roles exist in the IPSD and ITDD divisions, across a number of business units and global locations (Product Engineering inc. GED, Cat Electronics, Machine Integration Team)
Support continuous process improvement activities embracing Built in Quality (inc. HIL bench automation and script development).

Document all defects through Built in Quality and collaborate with process partners to resolve quality issues.
Responsibility for assignment, visibility and security permissions for users of individual components within the vCDM component library
Definition of the vCDM component library, individual library components, vCDM project structure, new product attributes and work packages for NPI programmes (inc. new content on existing engine platforms)
Collaborate with vCDM architect to to enhance processes
Create new releases of the component library within vCDM
Merging of calibration data changes within component library
Release of calibration component libraries to enable FF population
Issue & conflict resolution
Execution of changes to work packages as a result of new or changed content
Creation of vCDM calibration projects and datasets for specific FF releases
Responsible for user case permissions at vCDM calibration project level for calibration projects and datasets
Population of vCDM calibration project datasets with data from a released calibration component library
Import data from vCDM calibration project dataset into applicable Forcast template
Forecast template / work order lockdown to enable FF build to proceed


Effective communication
Effective time management / priority setting
Collaborative approach to problem solving
Attention to detail
Good working knowledge of electronically controlled engines

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